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SBLIV Anchor

In early 2020, Bryan travelled to Miami to work for the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee as a social media and hospitality intern. He spent the week leading up to Super Bowl LIV monitoring social media and capturing content for the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee.


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Social Media
Command Center

At the Social Media Command Center, located within the media center at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Bryan's jobs included monitoring the trends on social media regarding Super Bowl LIV and interacting with the community on the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee's Twitter account. He also captured content to post, including this photo from the Special Olympics Unified Flag Football Game held within NFL Experience, an indoor event where fans could partake in games and browse memorabilia.

NFL Transportation

At the NFL Transportation desk, he provided answers to any media members, athletes, or celebrities passing by who had questions about the media events throughout the week, locations of press conferences, shuttle transportation, or any other details they needed to know.

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Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIVE was an outdoor fan fest located at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. The event housed many opportunities for fans to get an up close look at NFL stars, including interviews, talk shows, and mini games. Bryan's job was to capture content for the Super Bowl Host Committee to post on its social media. Pictured is Cowboys QB Dak Prescott being interviewed at the "Casa de Crunch", where he later partook in a nacho-making contest with a fan.

Super Bowl LIV: What I Do

Want to know more?

Throughout the week, Bryan wrote a journal entry every night recapping what I did that day. Click the button below if you want to read those!

Super Bowl LIV: Image
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